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Chapter I

The diamonds of ThornPoint

ShootOut is a W.I.P Third Person Action Role Playing Game.


To be anounced !

Current Features:

  • Four characters to start with.
  • GamePad support
  • Keybinding
  • CloseCombat
  • 1 playable map.
  • Third Person Shooter mechanic.
  • Speech System.
  • Shop System.
  • Hostile and friendly AI.
  • Infinite spawn of stronger (in number) ennemy wave to test AI
  • Weapons: Pistol, Revolver, Assault Rifle, PumpGun

Features to come:

  • Strong emphasis on story and narration.
  • Four Playable characters from whom discovering the story.
  • Diverse options to solve situations : fighting, stealth, ruse, seduction...
  • Skill system : Firearms, CloseCombat, Science, Technology, Speech and Leadership.
  • Exploration Mechanic
  • Dialog Mechanic
  • Stronghold to buy/Personalize
  • Inventory Mechanic
  • Explosive weapons
  • Drone Mechanic
  • Sniper rifle
  • AI squad 
  • ...


See ingame Menu->Settings->Controls


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Version 27

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I like the cartoon style,  had fun with the shooting and running around jumping on buildings ... super fun ... suggestion add some grenades = ] ... 

bug report: 

1) AI can be pretty lame, seems like if you shoot the leader the rest of the AI doesnt know what to do anymore, or literally requires you to stand with a gun drawn like right in front of them even after shooting all their buddies in the head. 

2) If somebody is talking and you shoot them, their speech bubble remains floating above their bodies

3) nothing stops you from trying to pickup an item several times 

4) would be nice if pickups told you what type of bullets you got +1 mag pistol , or 10 mag rifle ...  

5) sniper rifle can get stuck in aim, takes a mix of buttons but not hard to repro

6) if you run out of stamina, which prevents you from shooting ? you can sorta get around it by holstering and drawing weapon and shooting quick ... Also does stamina not replenish at all , just need to sleep ?

7) would be nice if you also sent a message that mentioned another wave has arrived ... 

8) also the first time I couldnt tell at all where they were coming from, if my squad mate wasn't randomly shooting at them I would not have figured it out...  maybe some sort of visual to let you know where a shot is coming from ? I mean I just hear gunshots, who are they shooting at me?

9) ai sucks if you crouch, they should take cover or try to get around you ?

10) sometimes narration gets stuck and hitting esc and clicking on next button can get you through ... also flying people sometimes and weird bugs. 

Hello! Thank you for testing the game and for this thorough report!

Grenades, explosives, traps, chemicals weapons are scheluded. I just added some basic shooter mechanic with some weapons diversity for now, but shooting is one of the main features of the game, it will be expanded!

About AI, I had to tune it down when I added civilians to the map, there was some conflict with hostiles... Civillians were over reacting to shooting and I was working on other aspects of the game so I just prefered to tone it down and come back to it later.

After the first passes on Narration are done, I planned to do an another pass on AI, Weapons, Factions and if everything is smooth begin to work on skills.

To be exhausted doesn't prevent you to shoot, in fact. It prevents sprinting, jumping, rolling. And HP regen is directly tied to Stamina : at 0 you don't regen at all. To regain Stamina, you can sleep or eat/drink. Stamina is a long term statistic, it represents what one can do in a full day. It will be critical to manage it later in the game, when exploration is added and you'll be in the wild.

Thanks for your feedback, Invadererik. I will review all your bug findings and fix them for the next build!

Can you add some graphics settings? Or will they be added later?

Yes, that could be done. 

I am taking care quite regularly of optimization. Graphically wise the game is really light, 3d assets are simple, as are the materials.

May be the post process could gain some tweaks. I'll check that out.

Do you have performance issues? If so could you share your system information?

I am on integrated graphics you see... It isn't that bad though. Another thing I would like is Parkour-ing over obstacles... The current animation feels a little slow. 

Well, in the next build I could surely add a basic automatic Low/Medium/high graphic settings.

About the parkouring, it is planned to do multiple pass on every systems. I first rough out them, and then tweaks, tune, ect. So, hopefully I'll find out a better how to build a better experience for Player :)

Thanks for your feedback, it is really usefull and apreciated!

When i kill people guarding restricted zone the game crashes

Thanks for pointing that out, I will fix it ASAP!

I tried to dispatch them with no crash. Could you be more explicit on how you crashed?

Ok, I found the guilty.

On a not so rare occasion, when shooting people, a bolean was changed more than once a frame and "optimized away". aka neither true nor false or both.

play new update

Seeing as I have no hands on experience with game development, I want to write for this game.

Hello, Brethnew, thanks for your interest for the game !

What do you mean by "write for this game"?

I mean, if you want help writing quests and such.

Oh yes, that could be... It's such a work to develop i'd gladly take some help :) 

And English is not my mother tongue wich add to the challenge!
I'm currently developping the narration system, I've got a rough idea of the architecture of the system, I need to see it in action to see its feasability and potential.

You should mail me at sillikone@sillikone.com, mate.

It will be a better place to share about it :)

when i want to paly game i see only i need file ,,DX100"

Someone help?

Hello, thanks for your interest for the game!

your issue could be DirectX related, can you share the whole error message and the configuration you ty to run the game on?

havent even downloded it yet and i love it



Don't put your expectations too high and be disapointed, tho :D

This week I'm working on a key element of the game : Narrative System, stay tuned folks ! :)


i think is good idea game ... 

Thanks a lot for this testing session. This is invaluable for me to improve the player experience !

In this video alone, I can find a dozen of improvements and quite a few critical bugs !

I'll do my best to adress all of them in the next build.

A million thanks for the time you spent here @QUEENFAITH2020 !

I LIKE YOUR GAME... hope look version full ... :D i like help creators ... i