The demo available exclusively here, on, is in its Beta version. If you haven't tried it yet or if you want to share feedback, it's time to do so!

  • I'm especially looking for feedback on the difficulty. How would you qualify it? Challenging / Too easy / Too difficult? Do you feel cheated by the mechanics? How?
  • Do you want to see a difficulty slider?
  • I'd love to know how the game is running on your rig also. What is your FPS with which CPU/GPU/RAM/HD?
  • What is your prefer weapons combo? Do you think some weapons need love?

This week, I spent quite a lot of time integrating Steam. Now that I did it i'm face palming, it is so easy and straight forward with UE4. There is literally nothing else to do than activating a couple of built in plugins! So I'm working on creating a cute and appealing page during my spare time (ie week end :D).

I also added Drones Mark2, which are upgraded version of the first ones: Shield drones Mk1 pulses a 100 ward per minutes, Mk2 pulses twice a minute. 

Scanner drones Mk1 pulses 12 life detection through solids per minutes at 30m, Mk2 at 60m. 

Jearl Hyatt fight has been slightly improved also, he now got a level 10 weapon, which double its damage (he was equipped with a level 0 gear). He also got an another healer now. 

Station23B level required to find Jearl Hyatt is now 8 (was 5).

I've cleaned the Key Bindings, it is now clean.

Here is a Station23B Level 8 run, using PumpGun / syringe / Scanner combo.

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Version 53 Mar 19, 2021

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